Friday, February 4, 2011

Things to do before I die.

Okay, so I've made this kind of list of things I want to and will do, before I die.
The list includes quite common things.
Plus, most of the things are so normal that many people must have already done that in their life.

Anyway, i'll keep updating it here, as I come across stuff I want to do before I die. :D

- Travel and Visit new places. (Alone, preferred)
- Go to Las Vegas.
- Visit Paris.
- Bungee Jumping + Sky dive + Scuba Diving + Hot-Air Balloon
- Live in the 'my kind of house' . (I got plans ;])
- Have this huge party, dance all night, get drunk and go to work next day straight away.
- Build a school. [If possible]
- Get a permanent tattoo, which reflects my personality. (Idk what, yet)
- Eye-brow piercing.
- Learn : Photography, Drums + Keyboard.
- Meet ceratin people. {Well :P)
- Try each and every kind of Alcohol and Drug.
- Kiss a girl.
- Shop till I drop.
- Own a pet. (A dog, preferred.)
- Collection of all my favourite movies and cartoon series.
- Give to a charity.
- Attend one REALLY huge rock concert.
- Spend sometime getting my body into optimum shape.
- Spend Christmas on the beach.
- Take a ride on the highest Roller Coaster.
- Sing a song in front of an audience.
- Learn to ballroom dance, properly.
- Give mother a dozen of red roses, and tell her ILY.