Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sixteenth birthday. :D

I was born on 25th April 1994 at 6:20 am. ;P

Okay. So i've made a list of sixteen things that I wish to get on my sixteenth birthday.
I know I'd hardly get any of these but still. ;)

1. All Star Green Converse (Size-6) :P 
   I've been searching for them since 1 and a half years and I still can't find them anywhere in this idyaat city.

2. A wish from Suhit Gosain
   He wished me last to last year but not after that. :(
   I so wish he does this time. (i.e. On phone)
    It'll really make my day. :)

3. Cellphone.
    This is one thing which i'll never ever get my life. Not for two years atleast. :(

4. New iPod.
   8 GB apple iPod. :)
5. Family.
     This may sound a lil' weird but my i've never really celebrated my birthdya with my parents. I've never cut a cake with them after 2nd grade. I wish they celebrate it this time. :)

6. Friends.
    I want all my best friends, including the ones' who live miles away or just the next door, to be with me on this day. :)

7. Chocolates.

   Not just any chocolate. The round-round, small-small, something-shaped chocolates. ;) Or maybe a dozen bournville would work too.

8. Deepa Panjwani's Accesories.
    (Only the ones' which will suit me. xP)

9. PiyushMehta'sSouthParkBoxers + Deeksha'sSouthParkTee. xD


10. Clothes.
      (A lose tee with Suhit's picture on it and written 'Proud to be a Suhitian' + The Black Nike AIG Tee + Ed Hardy Tee) ;]

11. A Nice Bag. :/ + A Nice Perfume. :P

12.  A huge Chocolate Truffle Cake + Lots of Chocolate Donuts + Chocolate tarts

14.  HIM.
       *Secret* :3 .

15.A tiara. Rofl. + Hell lotta Heart-shaped RedandWhite balloons ;P + Hell lotta roses. :P + THE BIG PINK BUNNY BALLOON (Which you get in MGF) :P
     Not just any other Tiara, a nice sophisticated one with pink stones and stuff. I saw one in Archies but it wasn't so nice. And I have no idea why i've mentioned this wish. :-SS Lmao. I'm going mad. I couldn't get any other picture than these: Rofl. I don't want anything like this: But something different. Idk ! BLEEEEEEH ! I wrote this 'cause I had to complete my list and upload it ASAP! :|

16. I wish the above wishes come true.  :)

And oh oh! Everyone loves SURPRISES. Right? I'm one of them. :P

I know everyone's not so kind hearted to give me all these stuff but anyway I hope everyone doesn't end up giving the same thing. :P

WOAAAH! I didn't know I was so selfish. ;D 

And I know most of the wishes are quite lame, 'cause I didn't know what to wish for so i added any stupid thing. :/



  1. awww... thats a really nice wishlist. i heartily wish u get no.5, if not the rest. all the best girl :)

  2. that is some wishlist...... i too have a wish for an ed hardy t shirt.... (*dreams*) :P.... happy belated b'day.... hope you had plenty of fun... and the suhatian called :).... wish i could have dedicated frenz as you have :)

    take care and keep writing............

  3. Thankyou :)

    Let's gift each other an Ed hardy tee? :P