Tuesday, November 24, 2009

- Family Tree -

I made this thing one and a half months back, when everything was in it's place.

Here it goes :

I found my Daddy cool in one,
and Lovely Momma in another.
Adopted daughter there,
and adopted sister here.
My hubby with me
and also my mum-in-law with him.
An unbiological sister,
and a special someone in someone.
Got betrayed by my uncle cum BF,
he broke up with me
But I still got my dad-bro-like-bestie beside me.
Niku, my brother is awesome.
and The smartest of all is 'THE' Ayeshang.
also, Grandmom is totally bangbangbang. xP
My not so real BF is KICKASS!
My Francais mamaji rocks, LakzoLakshy.
andand Akshy be the SpecialBestie.
ShreyaDeora loves books alot
Here comes my girlfriend aka BFF now
She is known as DUH of DUHs
Along with a genius who calls me a duffar.
Atlast, I'm here with the best of the best,
who are popularly known as the Demeaners - S K K K K D K . ;)


It's not a poem, but it's something.
It's close to my heart.
It's in my heart.

I'd love to write about them. :)
( Writing order-wise as mentioned above )


She's not hot, she is HOTCH!
She's my best friend since 8th grade. Thanks to the Corbett Trip. :)
We've had the craziest fun in those years. We laughed. We cried.
We've gone through a lot of shit. Specially the bunking incident. That bloody RP-MJ. :x
Ah! Anyways, she's the one who has always been there with me and will always be. I know. :)
I won't write more 'cause I don't really have much time, my bro can come any minute. :-S
So yeah, she's my Daddy Cool. MINE FOREVER. I love you.
\Dumbo-Pagaal Zindaabaad/
AND, she's bi-sexual. Not really a lesbian but not really a gay too. :/
And I hate her for kissing my boyfriend. Lol. ;P


Firstly, sorry, I didn't have a 'solo' pic. :[ But yeah, this is our family photograph. :)
So, this is my momma. She's verrry caring, gets pretty hyper sometimes and hates me whenever I'm upset or something. I love it when she says "Thapadd maarungi khainch ke" Lmaoo, so cute! :P
She's someone whom I tell EACHandEVERYTHING.
Someone said right - ' Mom is a daughter's best friend ' .I'm lucky to have sucha mom. :)
She's amaziiing, truely amaziing. I love her. She's the only one with whom I can go on and on and on and on over the phone. She's a gem, that too a precious one.

* ZOYA *

She's like a princess. :)
I love her a lot. She's just like me. Whenever I talk to her, I feel as if im talking to myself.
She's verrry pretty. Gorgeous is the right word actually.
And her voice is lovely too.
She's just awesome! I don't have words for her.
I just wanna tell you Zoya/Jaya/Jiya/Vanya :P .. that im always there for you, okay? Like always ! So never say you're alone.
Just smile. It costs nothing.


This was the only pik I had. :(
She's is so damn pretty. Don't go on the pik, she looks like a kiddo here but in real she looks like Katrina Kaif. :D and Iloveherhair, they're awesome .. just like her!
We have loads of fun together at tuitions. I've bored her a lot by telling her about my boring life and stories.
And how can I forget! We do this competition - ' Who's gonna write the notes faster? ' And I win it every time. xD
And we also play this 'Name the movie' game, I always win again. Yay me! xD
This shows you really are my Adopted Sister. Bwahaha! :P
And and, we're NOT FUNNY, we're COMEDY. xD
Hehe. Iloveyou! You're a cuteheart! Really. and you make me smile always whenever im in a bad mood.


:') .
The name itself brings a smile and tears both on my face.
He's the one who picks me up always whenever I fall. Whenever I am in some shit, he helps me out.
I won't say much. Just,
I love you, and will always do.
Kuka? No, Kunal. You're seriously THE BEST
And, very very special.
I'll always be there for you, no matter what happens.
You're awesome-er-est-er-est-er-est x Infinte.
Kuku kaapi gyu. ;)
Keep Smiling. :)
and Keep Rocking Hard! \m/
♥  ♥  ♥


'Maa' , as Naina says.
She's very pretty and very caring.
Sweeter than chocolate ;)
My Suhitian friend. xD
The testimonial which you once sent me:
v love suhit..........:).......
  v love kunal.........:).....

       v love oso.............:)......
   bwahahahahah..........!!!!!!!!!!!! '
Haha, Sahii.
I really love all your pictures. Keep uploading them.
And, I love you too. 


My sister x)
I think it's been 2 years now since we know each other.
We're quite similar, I suppose. We're meant to be, 'cause we are Taurians. xD
And we both are shy too. (Akshay told me, you're just like Naina) :P
She has always been there for me. Like a sister, always helped me whenever I got into trouble.
You have a special place in my life, Naina. 
and, Shahid is yuck. Nvm. :p
Just dance! \:D/


Lol. He's a dumbass. :P
He take things verrry seriously and is damn emotional.
Kinda kiddish at times, but that's nice.
He's someone whose very special to me.
Our choices are TOTALLY different from each other!
He is the one, who cries when I cry. Who laughs, when I laugh.
I don't have words for you. You're nice, very indeed.
- HUM paagal hain - ;D
Keep Smiling.


Hey Aditi, hansde hansde hansde hansde tu zarra. :P
Hehe! I've irritated her a lot by singing this song for her and also by irritating her with HIS name. :P
Lol. But look, she still bares me. Though, she gets really mad at me sometimes for behaving like this but still, we're good friends. She has helped me too in problems and stuff.
Always be there.
And, Kabhi kabhi aditi zindagi mein unhi koi apna lagta hai, kabhi kabhi Aditi woh bichadd jaaye toh ek sapna lagta hai. :p


* Dad-bro-like-bestie * , exactly !
He's awesome, like REALLY!
We talk all bullshit and Iloveit!
He has an awesome sense of humour. :p
Our music choice is similar too. Remember, NAYAN TARSE? ;D
And how can I forget? He USED TO look like Karan Singh Grover, the DMG guy. xP
Well, no more. He now looks like Donald Duck. and more like himself. xD
And I'm really jealous of him! Grr! :|
And I miss old times.
Iloveyou. Be the same. NEVER CHANGE!
And tu KKR ki tarah GAVAAR hai! :P
KS :_


Niku-Kunj . He's like my big brother.
Always there for me.
Though we hardly talk, I know we love and care for each other.
He's very nice and is very cute too. :)
You be totalllly awesome!
I love you.
And I hate you for meeting Suhit! Grrr! :P


Musician + Book lover = Ayeshang.
That's the first thing which comes to my mind. ;P
Okay. We've had enough of our *F4* talks.
and I miss our YM talks !
And and, I miss playing OSO-OSO !
And disney-disney. :(
Anyways, she's a hell lotta fun to be with.
Pure Libran. :B
Don't mess with her, or else you'll lose yourself.
Tadaa :)


She acts pretty matured at times and pretty kiddish sometimes.
But all I know is, she loves all her friends a lot.
She won't leave you if you do something wrong.
And yeah that's why she's my grandmom!
And, she's SAM(Abhishek) too. We play Dostana-Dostana.
Lemme tell you Sam, Priya(Purvi) is mine, 'cause im more romantic. Hehe! ;P
Dil bole hadippa! Hehe, what a jokes!
So randumb! Idiio!
How-da, How-di ..So-da, so-dii!
And I was like .. 'uhhh' .
Chuck it.
Guru, ki Puru, ho jaa Shuru! Lmao! :P


Lol. Yeah, he's KICKASS! xD
And looks like Ayaz(Roadies) . :-"
We hardly talk but he's hotch. :P
And we know someone who knows how to LIE, very well. xP
And you have to come to Jaipur with your sister idyaat. :|

And I'm adding another pik here. 'Cause I don't have much to write, so here a very special pikture:

Hehe! That's Duh and Ayaz !
So cute! :D


He's the hawtest guy in my friend's list. :P
It took me 20 mins to chose which pikture to add here, 'cause all of them were so friggin' hawt. Lol. xP
So he's my 'mamaji' 'cause his sister's name and my mom's name is the same. :P
And his music choice is like awesome. And his status lines are awesome. And he himself is awesome too. xD
He's very funny.
And, he taught me Francais and I could pass in that subject 'cause of him only. :P
Merci mon ami. xD
" Keep rocking, beat knocking, non-stopping "


He's mast. xD
Happy-go-lucky kinds !
I've never seen him worried or anything. :/
And he's a sex aurat ! :P
Tum bahut ache ho, I like you. xD
And I miss our Yahoo talks too and music sharing too. :(


She's awesome.
Real fun to be with.
I've bored her to death by telling her my stories and all. Sorry. xP
So yeah, she loves books and music.
I really like her dressing sense.
And she's just awesome !
I simply don't have words.
She be my special friend, the one with whom I can share anything.


My bestest friend. I love her a lot.
DUH, is what I call her. 'Cause she is.
She's pretty too awesome.
She cannot be described in words. She's like God to me.
And she's so beautiful. So pretty. So cute. So HOTCH!
Her boyfriend is lucky. I wish I was a guy. ;)
She looks like Amrita Rao sometimes and sometimes like Shambhvi Sharma and sometimes like Bani J. :P

Bonus picture(lol):

I look like really dumb and all. But whatever! :)
I wish you come to Jaipur again ASAP.


^^ The Wake Up Sid Stone. =P
Haha! Kuwaitiya/Genius/Parleen/Ishu ! :P
Lol. He's like a very special bestie of mine.
Very funny. Totally awesome.
And he's friggin' lucky too.
Anyways, Ilovehimmmm.
And he's been like a 'guide' for me. =]
He has got all the qualities that I look for in a boyfriend. Lol. Haha! :P


Funny, the first thing that comes to my mind.
She has been there with me through all my shit.
I've irritated her alot. Bored her to death.
and It's really boring when she doesn't come to school, like really.
And it's like she NEVER comes to school. :|
But anyways, as I always say - I love her clothes and dressing sense.
She's pretty cool. :)
Iloveherlikemylil'daughter. =P


She's sooo cute ! :)
Very random. Crazy a lil' .
Her music choice is awesome. She always tells me to listen too lalala songs and they turn out to be pretty awesome. xD
Her dressing is way too cool too.
She gets excited very easily, I guess. :/
But beyond everything, she's one of my best friends and she rocks.
And yeah, I love your Cheese Bread, tiffin mein. ;D
Keep rocking. \m/


She's like SHIN CHAN! :P
Cute and irritating.
The one and only friend of mine since 10 years.
Woah! Long time. =)
We've wacthed a lot of movies together.
And she's been like a saviour for me everytime. xD
And I used to love it in 6th grade when she used to teach us Needle Work.
-Pour the needle into the cloth- Lol.
What fun we used to have man !
BeTheSameAlways. \m/


Rituuuu :D
She's cool man, totally cool.
She's an all-rounder !
Good in sports, studies .. everything !
And yeah, we love going to her place! :P
And she rocks man, really.
Never ever change Ritu :)


Kal ki superstar! ;)
She loves Drake bell.
Like Suhit is for me, Drake Bell is for like her.
She's really nice.
Very polite and sincere.
Good in studies, good in sports too.
She sings like Drake Bell. I mean she sounds like him when she sings.
Very cute. Kinda naughty.
Keep rocking :)

You all are here F o r e v e r.
This is my F a m i l y. ( Was? )
These are my F r i e n d s. ( * )
They are my L i f e. (  )
I am L u c k y.
I am frigging L u c k y.

P.S. : A few people have not been mentioned above but that doesn't mean they aren't special. They're special, and they know that. :)

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