Sunday, November 29, 2009

My first so-called-poem.

I wrote it long time back. But it suits the situation anyways.
Here :

I'm just another girl,
waiting for someone to come..

I'm treated like a bitch,
by a fucking witch.
She makes me cry all day and night
and I try to hold on with a fake smile.
Now I'm turning bad,
looking at the times she made me sad.
I always wanted to die,
'cause I'm fed up of this life.
I suffocate within, I'm on the edge
But she's never gonna break me
'Cause I love some people to the core
the list includes A.D.P.K.R.N.H.S. and that's how it goes.

I live in the virtual world,
where everything is done by words
But now I'm stuck in hell,
where I'm certified dead.
Each day feels like an eternity and
tears roll down endlessly.
This is how it has always been, this how it is always going to be.
I don't believe in me, I don't believe in you
But I believe in God,
I hope he'll make things good.

I'm just another girl,
waiting for someone to come . . . 

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