Thursday, November 12, 2009


Suhit Gosain.
The name is sexxay itself. :D
Okay so I have/had this huuggeeeeeeeeeeee crush on him since 2 n a half years.
He has a very special place in my life though a few months back he was THE MOST IMPORTANT person in my life but I just realised I was acting really insane and; was BLINDLY 'in love' with him. Yes, love is BLIND. :/
All my friends told me don't waste your time and all but do I really care if im wasting my time on HIM ?
Noo :D . I love him. He's awwwesome DUDE! A lot of people hate him ..including my 'best friend(s)' .. I really hate it when they talk shit about him but again, DO I REALLY CARE ? NOOO! :D I LOVE HIM! :D

Everything I did all those years was in his name and he doesn't even know how important he is for me.
He doesn't have a clue about what I do/feel for him. Grrrr :(
But still, I don't mind. I want to be crazy for him whether he knows or not, I'll be the same. :)

So yeah, the first time I saw him on TV was in Indian Idol 3 when he was fighting with that girl Charu and abusing her. He was wearing a black tee, nike wrist band & spikes. Hehe. I was like .. WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUYY :O  He's so fucking hottt ! I couldn't see his name then but later in the next few episodes while he was singing 'Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya' , his name was flashing on the screen - " To vote for Suhit, type SUHIT and send it to 56882 " , I was like SUHIT? SUMIT? :/ .

23rd June 2007.
He got eliminated from the Top 13. :(
Abhishek should have gone not him. :x
But then he came back for the wild cards. xD
But that bloody Javed Akhtar, bloody dawgg he didn't let him come back through the wild card entry. x|

All this while I didn't have internet at home but in the last week of August I had internet at my place finally.
The first thing I did was ..I searched for SUHIT GOSAIN everywhere ..on Orkut, Facebook and even Hi5 !
I found loads of Suhit Gosains on Orkut and Hi5 and none on Facebook.
On Orkut, there were 3 Suhit Gosains which seemed real, others were fake and on hi5 only one of them was real but he didn't use hi5 anymore, like obviously ! Who uses HI5 ?

Okay so, I went through the last pages of the scrapbook of those 3 SUHITs on Orkut.
I found him. There were 2 accounts of him. One was for everyone and one was for only his FRIENDS.
I sent him a  friend request on both the accounts and scrapped him crazy bullshit. xP

I used to be online 24*7 , waiting for him to come online and reply my scraps and accept my friend request.
He never really came online. :(
But once I saw that he came online at like around 5 or 7 in morning. So the very next day, that was 5th September, teachers day .. I got up at 5, took my bath and got ready for school and went online. My mom was like why so early? I told her I thought the school was early today but noo. xP
I waited for him till 7, he didn't come online. I had to go to school then. But in the morning I saw one more fan of him online and scrapping him. I thought there are more people like me.

Then the next day when I came back from my tuitions at around 6. I went online, opened my scrapbook and guess what I saw ? SUHIT SCRAPPPPEDDD ME ! - 6th September 2007 - Yes, we got married this day. ;D
I talked to him for like only 15 mins and then he had to go. The best part was .. he told me that his best friend's name was RADHIKA too and later I found out that even she is of my age, in the same class. :D
After 2-3 days on 9th September, I talked to that girl who was online that morning. SUNDAS, was her name. I asked her that even she came online so early to talk to Suhit? She said noo, I live in Canada so that time the time here was diffeent. :P She told me that she even has Suhit's number and she talks to him on phone too. I asked her if I can have his number? She said no, I can't give. I was like it's okay but can you tell him about me.. That im his fan and all ? She was like sure. Then I kept telling her to tell this..that..this..that to him , she got so irritated that she said you take his number. :P I was like :O . YAYYY! :D . She gave me his number and I was dancing like craaaaaaaazzzy. Later, around 11.30 when my parents slept and my brother was in his room, I quietly took my dad's cell and dialled his number. It was ringing. My heart started beating fasttt, he picked up. He was like HELLLO! I was like.. err..err! I was dumbstruck! He was like HELLLO? HELLLO? I said nothing. :| He was like HELLLO? and kept the phone. :| I was like shiit WTH did I just do! Ahhh! I deleted his number from the last dialled calls, but then again thought of calling him once. For 15 mins I was thinking should I call or not, should I call or not? Atlast when I deicided to call again, my brother came. :| So I couldn't call. This was 9th Septmber, when I got his number and herd his voice for the first time on the phone. =)
The next day, I had to go to UCMAS(That place sucks, really. But it helps you become a lil intelligent xD) early morning. I told my friend there about how excited I was to talk to him. I was so excited that we were just racing jlt on the road, I ran with full excitement, fell down & my fav. jeans got ripped. =| When I came back home, I gathered all my courage and finally called him and he didn't pick up. :| I called him around 15 times, he did not pick up.
The next day I called him, it came swicthed off. I was like shiiiit! I thought he changed his number or something but someone told me that he had gone to Mumbai and is using another number there so that's why it's coming switched off, when he'll come back to Delhi he'll use the same number again. *phew*

21st September 2007.
In the afternoon I was chatting with Sanchi online. I thought of calling Suhit again. I called him again from my dad's cell and he picked it up, finally. We talked. DAMNNNN! He sounds so cute on the phone!
It was awesome. He asked me where I was from, I told him Jaipur! He was like... Ohh! Jaipur is soo close to Delhi, we can meet anytime. I was like :O yeaaaah! \:D/
The next time I called him was 23rd September again in afternoon while chatting with Sanchi, because I thought she was lucky for me. ;) I talked to him. He told me he's in some meeting, will talk to me later. I was like okay tc .
That day was Indian Idol's Grand Finale. And I was expecting him to come and perform but what luck I had! I had to go to some party with my parents :| . When I came back home, the first thing I did was swicthed on the TV, and GUESS WHAT Mini mathur and Hussain announced at that very moment-
"Indian Idol mein pehli baar humne taiyaar kiya hai India ka sabse pehla BoyBand.. So ladies and gentlemen..unleash yourself and dance away with Chang, Abhishek, Parleen AND HOLD YOUR BREATH - SUHIT GOSAIIIIN" , Shit! THAT WAS SOMETHING TOTALLLIYY UNEXPECTED and AMAZIING!
*Tu to na aai, terii yaad aai* and *Chukar mere mann ko*
Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ! and and the way he sang this line -
' Hey! Why do I have to love you so much babes? Can't stop thinking about you all the time, yeah'
And how can I forget? While I was in that stupid party cribbing to go back home, I must have called Sanchi 50 times to make sure Suhit came or not on TV. Poor Sanchi! =P



I can't write more today.
I'm tired.

To be continued . . .


  1. I've met him sweetheart . x3 . :D

    Good read,you write well . Well most of us write well . But too goonish,but my this was cute . Liked it . Don't get bored of it . Ask people to read it . Get on their nerves,feel the difference . xD

    YOU'VE MET HIM ? :|

    And thankyou. x)

  3. God!!!!!! Even i ♥♥♥♥♥♥ suhit he izzzzzzz awsm

  4. u must hv seen me dere too..... he used to come online latenyt... n we all used to chat in his scrapbook :P :)

  5. Haha, you're so cute. You just sounded like me. God bless you. :)