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How can I forget?

It was sooooo awesome! Iloveeeeeit.
I used to be glued to my television to watch the ad.
Obvessly I downloaded the ad from YouTube but watching it on TV gave a different feeling of excitement. :D

Main ek samaaj sevak hoon, main samaaj ki seva karta hoon.
It's not easy yar itni saari dates aur numbers yaad rakho.
Happy uh..1st left cheek kiss anniversary baby..
*phew* Day aur night inhi ke seva mein guzarta hai..
Huh! Isiliye mera kit-kat break toh banta hai.
Choco-layer aur wafer hogaye ek, because mehenti naujawaan deserve a break..
Afterall .. Seva hee toh dharm hai ! ;)
Kit-kat break banta hai "

This ad, these lines suit him completely though it's not him whose saying all that, it's dubbed. :x
And those ad people, they should have asked his real fans to act in the ad and not those dumb girls. :p
Anyways he's so AWESOME. I'm so in love with Kit-Kat now. :)


This cousin of mine from Calcutta, he told me that it has come in the newspaper here that Suhit Gosain is working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali in a movie. :|
I was like, EHH ?
I asked Suhit if he was doing so and as soon as I asked him this, he started laughing hard. He wasn't stopping only. After a while he was like NOO !
Ah! I made a complete fool outta myself in front of me just 'cause of that idiot cousin of mine. :x
After a few days then, when he shifted to Mumbai and started using another number, I couldn't contact him.
But there was this girl XYZ (I don't wanna disclose her identity) , she was my online friend and she was even Suhit's friend. She was just a fan earlier but then she became his very good friend. I just asked her to ask Suhit if he sill remembers me and all. :P
She asked him and he was like Who Radhika? :| But then she told him 'that Sanjay Leela Bhansaali waali girl' and he was like OHHH YEAAAH! xD
This was October, and he never really came online and I couldn't even talk to him on phone. :(

17th October 2007 .
It was his birthday. XYZ told me that you call me and we'll have a conference so that you can wish him. I was like yay. :) She said call me around 11 in the morning. I called her, she was like call me in 10 mins .. I was like okay. I called her after 10 mins. She was like I have to go somewhere right now, you call me at 4 'cause another friend of mine also wants to wish him so we'll wish together that time. I was like okay again. I called her again at 4.. She said hold on then after a while she was like I talked to him, he's having his lunch. So you call me in half n hour. I was like fine. I went to the PCO, called her. She was like he told me he's coming online so do one thing you go online and wish him there. I was like okay. I went online and waited for two goddamn hours. I then called her at 11 again, she was like yeah hold on. Then she was like he's not picking up his phone. I couldn't wish him. :( That XYZ ! :|
AND I HAD MY SCIENCE HALFYEARLY EXAM THE VERY NEXT DAY ! I did not study a single word. And I failed in my exam. My teacher gave me grace marks. =[

In November, during Diwali Suhit came back to his home, Delhi. I finally got a chance to talk to him. :)

7th November 2007 .
Two days before Diwali.
I called him, some female voice answered the phone. She was like "Hello" . I thought that's his sister. I was like "Hello, Can I talk to Suhit?" .. She was like "Beta, Suhit toh abhi kahin gaya hua hai" .. I was like Eh? Why is his sister calling me BETA ? :/ Then I realised that's his mom! My mum-in-law actually. :D I was like "Ohh! Namaste Aunty. Kab waapas aayega woh?" (Manners, you see. xD) She said.. he'll be back in 1 hour or so. I was like Okay, thankyou Aunty.
I called him after 2 hours, his mom picked up again. She said "Beta woh abhitak aaya nahi, main bhi ussi ka wait kar rahi hoon, aap kaun?" I was like.. "Radhika" . I wanted to say your daughter-in-law but ! xP
Then I called him around 11 pm . Finally HE picked up. I was like HEYY! RADHIKA HERE! He was like..Ohhhhhhh heyyy! I was like.. you remember me? He said..Yes! Ofcourse. And then I was literally dancing on my bed! I was just talking to him then he said if we can talk later 'cause he was having his dinner with his family that time. I was like no problem.. byee. He said.. "BUHBYEEEEE" ! DAMMMMMIT! I LOVE THAT "BUHBYE" , IT'S BREATH TAKING
After talking to him, I asusual called Sanchi and told her evrything. She was like "Aww" and all . :D

9th November 2007 - The Best Diwali Of My Life .
It was 12 noon. I called him again. He picked up saying Hello with a *yawn* . He just woke up. We talked. He wished me Happy Diwali. :)
And he sounds so fucking cute when he's sleepy. MANNNNNNNNNN!!!
The way he says "BUHBYE" and the way he *YAWNS* ! OMFGGGG! 
After talking to him, my day went really awesome. :)

Again he went to Mumbai after Diwali. I couldn't contact him anymore through phone but he started coming online a lil' more frequently. And guess what ? He even added me in his -OnlyForFriendsProfile- on Orkut. =)

I can never forget!!
F4 (Suhit,Chang,Parleen,Abhishek) , they performed on Mumbai .. some concert. And this girl named DEEPA PANJWANI , she went to see it and she recorded some videos and stuff so she posted those links in the F4 community. I added her then and now we're BEST FRIENDS ! She was Parleen and Suhit's fan. ILOVESUHITGOSAINMORENOW because, 'cause of him I met Deepa and I just can't imagine my life without her. 
And I met a hell lotta awesome people all this while. A few of them are still my best friends like Naina, Avneesh, Ayesha, Roopi, Archana, Devanshi, Shobhit, Suhana .. etc etc !
Well Naina is like my sister, you all know her. ;)
Avneesh, LOL. We became friends in some other way. I promised him to give SOMETHING but I wanted UDD CHALE's video in return. He was this so called "Suhit ka Pujari" . ROFL =P
Ayesha, Chang's fan.. she didn't disclose where she was from but when she told me she's in Shweta's school so I could make out then where she was from. ;P
Roopi, Parleen's sister and coincidently she's in the same school which comes to our school for exchange programmes. xD
Archana, a cute girl with a very cute voice. =D
Devanshi, the one who follows my blog regularly. Lol. :D
Shobhit, haha no comments ! xP
Suhana, where is she? Imissher. =|

To be continued . . .

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